All You Need To Know About Hollywood Beach – Boardwalk

Thinking of spending time on Hollywood Beach? Then you should absolutely make the time to come visit the famous Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is around 2.5 miles long, providing you with ample opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, shop to your hearts content, and enjoy mingling with the locals. There are plenty of places to go and visit, though, so what are some of the must-see locations on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk? 

What should you expect if you come along and check out this unique part of life here in Florida?

Rent a bicycle

With so much space to move around and so much opportunity, the Boardwalk is made even better with a bicycle rental. You can rent a bicycle easily across the Boardwalk, allowing you the chance to cycle and move around with total freedom. 

It’s a must-try opportunity that should give you a good way to stay fit as well as soak up all of that sunshine that Florida is so famous for. A fine choice for those looking to get around quickly, too. 

Attend the theatre 

The Boardwalk is also home to various arts and theatre productions, making it very easy for you to just have some cultural entertainment. Set this up and you should have no problem in catching either a local production or a recreation of something a touch more mainstream. 

Definitely a way to spend the day, and a good way to enhance your trip to the Boardwalk with some classic culture and some outstanding active overall. 

Take in a hookah experience

Of course, relaxation might be high up on your list of things to try out. If that is the case, we recommend you check out the popular Red Pelican Bar. This is a fantastic place to turn out if you are looking for a way to enjoy a relaxing, laidback approach to life on the Boardwalk. 

It is one of the premium venues when it comes to quality hookahs and cocktails, making it a fine place to relax when the sun sets, and the Atlantic Sea comes into the finest of views. You might want to try out something like the perfect pineapples drink, or you might just want to relax with some of their various classic hookah tastes and styles. Either way, a good time is sure to be had by all here!  

Relax down on the beach 

After you’ve had your hookah, why not take a swagger down to the beach? The Red Pelican Bar looks over the beach, adding a wonderful view. You might want to relax down here after a few of those grandiose cocktails, or you might simply want to clear the lungs after your hookah. Either way, the beach makes a great place to relax, mingle, and parlay your way into a few parties for the evening! 

If interior relaxation is more your thing, though, you might just find that the sauna experience waiting for you in the back of the bar might be more your thing. Whether it’s steam and sauna care of some sand on the beach that makes your cocktails go down, you’ve got ample choice on Hollywood Beach.  

Visit the farmer’s market

Those who are on the lookout for anything from quality produce to interesting trinkets should hit up the farmer’s market, too. This is a big part of the Hollywood Beach experience, helping you to enjoy the various items on sale. 

While there are ample collections of shops and stores to go and visit, you will find that the market tends to contain some unique findings that you might not find in some of the other stores on the Boardwalk. 

Take in a round of golf 

Fancy a swing? Then you should try out one of the seven golf courses which are based across Hollywood. The Boardwalk is based nearby most of the best quality golf courses in the area, so it should be easy enough to find. The closest courses to the Boardwalk includes the Eco Golf Club and the Hollywood Beach Golf Club, each offering an excellent and satisfying golfing experience.