Hookah Specials

When you come on down to Red Pelican Bar, one thing you might notice is that we have a fine range of high quality hookah specials to try out. We know that everyone arrives in our hookah house to try out something a little bit different, which is why we have put together a range of high quality special mixtures. These take some of the most complementary items and blends them together into a very impressive blend of mixes, bases, and blends. What, then, might you wish to try out from our hookah specials?

Wine Rose

Wine Rose is a hookah special that has really caught the eye and gone the extra mile to improve your enjoyment of hookahs. They combine the intense scent and texture of wine roses and combines it with a strong wine base.

The end result is a rich, grape-filled, enjoyable experience that offers something totally different from what you would get with a general tobacco experience.

Beer Fun

If you like your alcoholic tinge to your experience, but find wine to be a touch too pungent, then you might wish to try out our Beer Fun option. This has become a great hookah special as it blends together the aromatic orange tobacco that so many of our customers love with a strong, scented beer base.

The end result is a highly enjoyable combination that works in tandem with one another, creating a citric blast.

Fruit Bloom

If you like your hookahs to come with a strong natural taste and style, then you might wish to come and try out the highly impressive Fruit Bloom. This has picked up many fans in a short space of time, combining together orange, mango, grape, and pineapple with a powerful juice base.

The end result is a deeply aromatic and enjoyable fruit combination that blooms well in the hookah, giving a really impressive taste, smell, and smoking texture.


If you want to enjoy something sweet and spicy at once, try out our popular Mojito blend. This takes a trio of lemon, lime, and mint, and throws it together with a gorgeous rum base. The end result is a tremendous product that smells great, looks amazing, and should fit in with all but the most specific and particular trains of thought. Great for parties, for relaxing as a group, or simply for changing up your hookah atmosphere overall.


If you want to create a romantic and loving atmosphere, start here. This blends together a happy range of six items – strawberry, vanilla, coconut, strawberry slices, milk, coconut rum shots, and a strawberry syrup base – to create our most potent special mixture available. Use this for special occasions, for declarations of love, and for setting a very romantic tone in the air.

Definitely one to try out if you are looking to really set that mood in the room to romantic!

Ready to try it out for yourself? Then come on down and check out our hookah specials in person!