Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge Eight-Point Plan

  1. Ensure that the hookah is cooled down after the coal has been removed and the top (head and bowl) has been washed;
  2. Dispose of the coal to avoid any issue in coming to fruition;
  3. Begin by cleaning the hose by allowing hot water to filter through the house and let it dry on the appropriately sanitized rack (if using a designed product). If the hose is plastic, then appropriately dispose of the hose as it is used for only one smoking session;
  4. Remove each of the parts of the hookah, beginning with the head and bowl, the stem portion, grommets and vase;
  5. Re-wash the bowl and the grommets that are attached to the stem of the hookah with hot water;
  6. Taking the stem: allow hot water to enter the stem of the hookah several times (in, out, and repeat), while then taking a pre-sanitized brush and cleaning the inside of the stem for approximately two minutes;
  7. Take the base or the vase of the hookah and fill it with it hot water, spill the water out and repeat the process five times. Afterwards, take the pre-sanitized vase brush and repeatedly clean the inside until all residue  is removed;
  8. Make sure that all of the components of the hookah are placed on the sanitized rack to ensure that each of the parts will be dried appropriately before being used again for another hookah smoking session.