Types of Hookah Bases

When it comes to using a hookah, you might not be aware that you also need to have a base within the hookah. This helps to improve the overall experience, but the base material that you use can be very important. Hookah bases are liquid in nature, but what you use as the base can change the tempo, texture, and taste of your hookah experience. That is why you might wish to avoid using simply water – but what other hookah bases should you try out?

When you visit Red Pelican Bar, what bases make the most sense?


The most common starting place is good old water. It works well as it adds the hydration needed but it won’t impact on the flavour of any of the blends you use. Indeed, the hydration can only help to improve the taste without ever really changing or masking it.


Juice is a common pick as it can add a bit of a change to the taste of your mixture. We can recommend a good juice for your chosen purposes, as fruit juices and/or soda mixtures can be the ideal way to add the change you’re looking for.

Milk Coffee

A good addition for those who want to add a classic break room feel to their hookah session is to use some milk coffee. It works well as it can add an extra layer of energy into the flavour, with the milky nature of the coffee helping to make the whole thing taste a touch creamier.


If you would prefer use an alcoholic beverage, then you can do so with ease. Try them out for yourself and you will see why beer tends to be such a great starting place. Beer works as it adds a different taste to the hookah, and can really enhance the flavour.


Wine and champagne are a major part of our bases, as they can really add a pungent and strong grape-filled flavour. Combines well with many other flavours to create something that is really easy to enjoy and a simple, gratifying choice for a change-up in the taste you might normally have gone for.

Red Bull

Want an energising kick that is powered by Red Bull? We can do that for you, too. This works very well for an enhanced taste that comes with a real energy and flavour, enhancing any hookah.

What is the best flavour?

Of course, the best thing about our bases is that you can combine them with various flavours. When making an order, feel free to ask us for recommendations and advice about what flavours mix well with the right base. We can give you the information that you need to make an informed choice that you are going to feel pretty happy about in general.

Of course, remember that experimentation is a major part of the fun that you can have when engaging with a hookah. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, really; just what you enjoy personally. If you need any help whatsoever in choosing, though, we will be happy to assist!