Types of Hookah Flavours

When it comes to enjoying a hookah experience, you have many ways to do so. Many believe that hookahs are nothing more than just a little place for you to get some tobacco and enjoy a social smoking experience. Yet there is much more that you can do with a hookah than simply inhale and exhale tobacco; you have a great range of flavours to pick from out there on the market today. If you take your hookah experience over to Red Pelican Bar, you will find a dizzying range of flavours to pick from. What, then, are some of the most popular?


The fruit of the warrior, many love to take Guava as they believe that it can add a totally different environment to their hookah experience. Guava has become highly popular for numerous reasons, not least because it has a strong, sweet taste.


Coffee and hookahs often go hand in hand, so why not make their natural union come together in the right way?

With a coffee flavoured hookah, you get to add that strong, earthen, almost nutty scent into the background of the coffee which creates a most wonderful taste combination.


Want a natural sweetness? Then you should try out the tremendous blend that comes from the honey flavour. This is very strong and sweet, containing a natural scent that is sure to fill the room with the utmost sweetness and a natural, optimistic scent that is sure to make a big difference.


Banana is a hugely popular fruit, but it also makes a great hookah flavouring. It tastes great, and can feel quite energising to use in your hookah. It works well with most complementary add-ons, too, giving banana a really easy to use flavour that blends accordingly.


Peaches are known for that gorgeously sweet scent, and it is one of the main reasons why you might wish to try them out in your hookah. They are a great choice for changing the tone and tempo of the room, using that calming, friendly sweetness to soothe tension.


A citric kick can be a good way to change up the entire theme of the atmosphere, which is why we highly recommend you try out some lemon. Lemon can go a long way to adding a bit of extra bite into the air, and it can be a really fun taste to enjoy.

Tropical Mix

The tropical mix can add a nice hint of sweetness whilst throwing in some intriguing scents and tastes which are sure to intrigue your senses. Definitely an easy way to enjoy the experience of hookah in style.


Add a touch of minty freshness into the air and use this to help clear the room of any lingering tension. A great choice as it can be an easy way to freshen the place up, giving you a new taste from your hookah that you might simply never have tried before.


If you fancy a fruit-flavoured theme to your hookah enjoyment, then you should absolutely look to try out some of our berry blend. It’s a high quality hookah flavour that is strong, tasty, and very much the ideal choice moving forward.

If you think it would be a good idea to try out some new hookah flavours, why not get started with some of our most popular options above? Then, work your way through each flavour and try them all!