Types of Hookah Heads

Thinking of trying out a hookah? Then to do so you want to make sure that you use the correct hookah heads. At Red Pelican Bar, we recommend that you come and speak to us in-house if you are looking for more bespoke information on any particular hookah heads.

To help you make a choice today, though, we have four major types of hookah heads; Clay, Apple, Grapefruit, and Pineapple. What, then, are the right options for you? What can you get by using different types of hookah heads? What benefits does each head offer you?

Clay Heads

The most common neutral choice if you are looking for an all-purpose hookah head is the classic clay solution. clay is a good choice if you are looking for something that can handle just about any kind of flavour without really impacting on the taste at all.

While other hookah heads can have a mild impact on the end taste and texture, it is not something that everyone would enjoy. If you want to try out a powerful clay head, then come on down to Red Pelican Bar and you can find out for yourself why these types of hookah heads tend to be so popular.


If you are trying to find a nice fruit-themed hookah head to try out, though, apple is a fine starting place. Apples leave a sweet but satisfying aroma lingering in the air, and they also do a wonderful job of adding a real fruity taste to any of your hookah options. Apple, though, never becomes too powerful and as such it can be the ideal choice for a more mild-mannered option in general.

Take a look today, then, and see why apple is such a popular pick for those who are looking for a way to make their hookah experience a little more balanced.


If you like a more natural scent and taste in the air, then you might wish to try out some grapefruit hookah heads. We can provide you with a grapefruit head for your hookah, which can be very useful for just about any kind of citric-based hookah experience that you decide to try out. The end result is always a highly enjoyable, truly satisfying taste that is never overpowered thanks to the calming grapefruit presence.

This is great for making sure you add in a nice grapefruit smell into the air, too, which can further help you to relax.


One thing that you might enjoy in your hookah experience is a nice touch of extra sweetness. You will get to create a really strong, sugary taste with our pineapple hookah heads. They taste brilliant, they add a pungency into the air, and they tend to give you a longer session due to how the hookah actually manages the pineapple in the first place.

It’s a great choice for adding a nice aroma into the room, too; a natural sweetness that should leave you feeling like you are on a beach somewhere!