Types of Hookah Mixes

When you come to enjoy the art of the hookah, one thing that you might notice is that you have quite a few options for a hookah mix. At Red Pelican Bar, we make sure that everyone who comes in to visit can enjoy a high quality experience with various mixes designed to really make the right impression. However, we all have our own personal choices when it comes to how we enjoy the hookah experience. So, with that in mind, which of our hookah mixes at Red Pelican Bar do you think you would enjoy most?


Sweetness in hookahs can seem odd at first, but you will soon grow to enjoy the experience. We highly recommend you try this out, as it can offer a totally different perspective on what the taste and texture of a hookah experience can be like for you.


Sourness is not something many people appreciate in a smoking environment, but it can be the ideal choice for a particular train of thought. We recommend trying out our sour collection to see if the taste and the intensity is of the right style for you, and if it fits your mood.

Coffee Mix

The coffee mix is one of our most popular – a high quality choice that comes absolutely bursting with flavour. If you are going to enjoy a nice hot coffee afterward, then using our coffee mix is the best way to get yourself in the right mood.


Sometimes, the best place to start is with some general freshness. Take the vintage experience of a hookah and try it out with the freshness and vintage charm that comes from our products; the ideal choice for a more satisfying, relaxing mixture.


One of the best places to start for many people would be our fresh and engaging mint options. These make a lot of fun to enjoy, as they create a very sociable experience that is easy to follow along with and enjoy. Definitely an experience that we are sure you will enjoy.

Citrus Mix

Citric mixes can be great for adding a tang and a taste to the background of your hookah experience. A high quality option for anyone who likes to enjoy a different kind of mixture in their hookahs, imbuing a more fruity taste.

Tropical Mix

The tropical mix can add a nice hint of sweetness whilst throwing in some intriguing scents and tastes which are sure to intrigue your senses. Definitely an easy way to enjoy the experience of hookah in style.


Berry mixtures are packed with flavour and energy, and can be great for filling the room with an engaging, endearing aroma that is very hard to ignore. Ideal for creating a warm, happy, and upbeat atmosphere that you can soak-up.

So, with various hookah mixes to try out, what do you think you would enjoy the most? What mixtures could you see yourself enjoying the most when visiting our abode?