Where To Enjoy Cocktails In Miami

Since the late 2000s when the seeds for Miami’s cocktail rebirth were planted, Miami has become one of the most exciting cocktail destinations in the country. Gone are the days when Miami was only famous for bank-breaking bottle service and vodka cranberries. A new generation of bartenders is building on the foundations left by their predecessors to raise the bar on the cocktail scene in Miami. This makes it possible to get a well-made drink in Miami for a lot cheaper relative to anywhere else. This is if you know where to go. Looking to enjoy cocktails? Here’s a list of the top recommended cocktail bars in Miami. 


This is a Japanese themed drink den located in the design district. From Asian inspired drinks such as the Kung Fu Panda Goes to Japan, to a blend of local and foreign ingredients, Kaido cocktails give a unique twist of taste. Their food menu makes this a mustvisit for anyone looking for a new, exhilarating experience.

Red Pelican

Located at the Hollywood beach boardwalk, the red pelican bar and Hookah lounge is an oceanfront hookah bar and lounge that includes a Russian Spa and Bath both of which are available for private groups and members only. Their offers include a 20% off on the first order. Located only 30 minutes from Miami, the experience is worth the drive.

Bar Bevy

Opened in late 2018, the Bar Bevy is a Moroccan themed bar located in the design district. Despite being newcomers, their drink and food menu make it a must visit for any cocktail enthusiast.

Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun is a new addition to Miami’s cocktail scene offering cocktails and Hookah. Being a finalist in regional cocktail awards especially in Miami is no small achievement. They have an almost Italian menu and are located in Miami on 7357 NW Miami Ct, making them easily accessible.